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The name Possidi is derived from the god Poseidon because this is the area where the oldest temple of Poseidon is said to have been located. Possidi is a beach resort, mostly occupied during the summer and has very few permanent residents. Locally it is consideredas the beach of Kalandra, which is the inland village you pass through on the way to Possidi.


Possidi is located in Kassandra around the knuckle part of the first finger, where the peninsula bends “pointing” to the east, creating a cape of land which juts out into the sea and as a result has fantastic, extremely long, very sandy beach along both sides. This amazing beach is what Possidi is best known for, which many people say is the best in Kassandra and when the sea is choppy on one side of the cape, the other side is calm, and vice versa, so people can always find perfect conditions.



Possidi is also characterised by its lighthouse, which stands on the cape and is opened once a year for the public to visit. Possidi also has several camp sites one privately operated, another for students from the university of Thessaloniki and a children's camp run by the church. On the west coast the beach is named after the complex “Aegeopelagitika”, which was the first in the area and still stands today on the beach front. On the other side of the cape the beach front is the resort centre and where the shops and restaurants are situated. Possidi has a very good reputation for its fish taverns as well as having quality holiday accommodation. There is a family mini market, a cigarette kiosk, butchers and bakery – patisserie all only open during the summer season. The closest shops open all year round are in Kalandra. There are also several popular beach bars in the area as well as water sport activities.



Properties For Sale in Possidi


Possidi is one of those wonderful Greek seaside villages that has not been over developed and at present there is a slight shortage of Possidi properties for sale. The area is much sought after and because there are not many Possidi properties for sale this in turn inflates the prices so you will find it is a little more expensive compared with other resorts in west Kassandra. Unfortunately, apartments are particularly difficult to find available, especially close to the beach. There are only actually a few residential apartment buildings, mainly in the centre near the shops, which are older. For sale in Possidi you can mostly find larger, 3+ bedroom properties on organised complexes, with gardens and many having luxury facilities such as swimming pools and security. On the Aegeopelagitika side of the resort there are a few developments on the hillside, which have some two bedroom maisonettes for sale with spectacular views and are within walking distance of the beach.

Properties For Sale in Possidi

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