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Pefkohori | Properties For Sale in Pefkohori

The name of Pefkohori means “the pine village” and it refers to the beautiful natural surrounding woodlands, but according to legend it was originally called Kapsohora meaning “burned land”.


This is the second biggest town in Kassandra after Kassandreia and is easily accessed by the main road of Kassandra. It is located in the south-east of the Kassandra peninsula, between the towns Hanioti and Paliouri, approximately 105 kilometres from Thessaloniki. The town is divided in two by the main road, separating the old town above from the new town below, which extends down until the beach.


It is one of the few towns with life all year around where shops, services, cafe-bars and restaurants also open out of season. Pefkohori is also lucky to have one of the only two post offices on the whole peninsula! There are private doctors, dentists, pharmacies, supermarkets, shops selling building materials, butchers, bakeries, clothing stores, opticians, a repair shop for mobile telephones and laptops as well as a pet shop. Along the beach there is a long and wide promenade packed with souvenir shops, bars and restaurants. From the beach, you have a gorgeous view of the second peninsula Sithonia, which is only a few miles away and most days you can even see the peak of Mount Athos in the distance. At one end of the central beach there is a small pier and from here during the high season you can take an day trip on a traditional sailing boat to visit a couple of resorts on the west coast of Sithonia.


South of Pefkohori, on the way to Paliouri is a spectacular conservation area where there is a natural lagoon called Glarokavos, which is used as a port for small boats. The section of beach in this part between Pefkohori and Paliouri is well organised and has some of the most famous beach bars in Halkidiki as well as an inflatable floating water-park for children. Pefkohori also has a road through the mountain connecting the old town with the traditional village of Agia Paraskevi, which is part of the nearby seaside spa town of Loutra on the west coast.



Accommodation and Properties For Rent in Pefkohori


Pefkohori offers holidaymakers a full range of accommodation from small family-run apartments to luxury private villas with pools. There are many medium-sized organized hotels to choose from too, mostly situated as you enter the town and on the hillside on the way to Agia Paraskevi. In the last couple of years some new small boutique hotels have also appeared on the beach-front of Pefkohori.



Properties For Sale in Pefkohori


With regards to options of Pefkohori properties, this town offers a very diverse range so if you like the area everyone can find something suitable for their needs and tastes. In the town centre from the main road down to the beach there are predominantly 1 or 2 bedroom apartments and a few maisonettes with small gardens on the edges of the central zone. The old town above the main road around the church has mostly old, traditional style houses occupied by local residents. Going up out of the old town on the way to Agia Paraskevi firstly there are some modern blocks of apartments and as the road climbs there are a couple of complexes of detached houses with big gardens and fantastic panoramic sea views. Leaving Pefkohori in the direction of Paliouri there are many private villas, some on the beach-front, second-line but also up above the road. On the opposite side of Pefkohori towards Hanioti, which is one of the most upper class areas on the peninsula there are luxury private villas, beautiful stone houses and a massive complex of detached houses starting with beach-front properties and continuing back and up above the main road. Pefkohori property prices are relatively comparable with the other two resorts in the area Hanioti and Polichrono.

Properties For Sale in Pefkohori

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