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Kallithea | Properties For Sale in Kallithea

Kallithea is a very popular tourist resort on the east coast approximately in the middle of the Kassandra peninsula. In Greek language “Kallithea” means “good view” and it is plain to see from its spectacular vista why the town was given such a name. The town itself is located on a clifftop, which enables such incredible views across the Toroneos Gulf. It is said that the town where it stands today dates back to around 1925, when it was established by refugees who had fled from Asia Minor shortly after the war between Greece and Turkey. At this time the town was known as New Maltepe, in homage to the area where the people had originated, which was in the former Constantinople region (now Istanbul) that became occupied by Turkey. In 1950 the name of the town was changed to New Kallithea and later shortened to Kallithea.


Kallithea has a population of approximately 1000 permanent residents and the majority of locals have seasonal jobs related to the tourist industry. It is one of the most commercial resorts in the region with the biggest selection of luxury standard hotels, beach bars, restaurants, cafe bars, nightclubs and souvenir shops. One of the unusual features of Kallithea is that there are a significant number of shops selling real Greek fur and quality jewellery! Several chain store patisserie bakeries and Alpha Bank also have branches in Kallithea. But what Kallithea is probably best known for is the nightlife, conveniently located in a dedicated, non-residential leisure complex 1.5 kilometres outside of the town where there are a few big nightclubs often showcasing famous DJs and artists alongside a go-karting track and ten pin bowling.


Up until just a few years ago all traffic coming from Thessaloniki used to pass through Kallithea on a single lane road, which meant it could be very congested. Since the completion of a dual carriage highway between Nea Potidea and Kassandreia the traffic has considerably reduced because anyone travelling to the west coast now can turn away in the opposite direction and bypass Kallithea completely. As the old, coast road still exists the new road has also improved access to Kallithea as there is an alternative route for those who prefer a slower paced, more scenic drive! The new road ends about 2 kilometres from the centres of both Kallithea and Kassandreia, which is the “capital” of the Kassandra municipality and where most public services are based so these amenities are also all on the doorstep.


The beach in Kallithea is perfect, very well maintained with very soft white sand and clear, shallow waters. It is surrounded by pine forest, which is a beautiful backdrop and the town sits up above the trees overlooking. The only downside is that access is a little difficult without a car but there is parking. Directly on the beach-front there are some large-scale hotels and many different styles of organised beach bar, some offering free sunbeds for customers others more “comfortable” and upmarket where you pay a service charge. There are also rental outlets for hiring jet skis, pedalos and trying other water sports.   



Properties For Sale in Kallithea


In terms of properties for sale in Kallithea, there are mostly apartments and maisonettes available. The town is relatively flat so there are not many options with an amazing sea view and the distance to the beach is not an easy walk from the centre, but there is parking. The section directly on the seafront, below the main road is mostly occupied by businesses with the occasional expensive luxury villa. Outside of the central building zone for more than a kilometre in the direction of Kriopigi there is only forestland and are no residential buildings until the clearing where the nightclubs are situated, followed by an area packed with large luxury hotels above and below the main road. Beyond all this there is a large very attractive complex of houses arranged in tiers from the main road down to the sea so all have views and direct access only for the residents to a fantastic soft white sandy beach. A little further along there is another upmarket complex of villas surrounded by pine trees and many boasting private swimming pools. Up above the main road in a clearing within the forest there are some other developments of houses mostly with two bedrooms. On the opposite side of Kallithea off the old coast road to Afitos as well as in the countryside on the outskirts of the town you can find some more spacious properties on small developments.  


Properties For Sale in Kallithea

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