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Fourka | Properties For Sale in Fourka

Fourka is one of the larger resorts on the west coast of the Kassandra peninsula, around half way down, which is orientated towards the north west. It is located approximately 85km from Thessaloniki airport, which under normal traffic conditions takes less than an hour to drive. The town is divided in two by the main road of Kassandra, the main residential part being about 2.3km above and 3km from the sea. The newer part of the town is either referred to as Paralia Fourka, which means the beach of Fourka or Skala Fourkas and this area, below the main road on the coast is the tourist centre where most holiday properties are situated, the hotels, rental apartments, shops, restaurants, beach bars and cafés.


The beach in Fourka is fantastic, it is a very long, sandy stretch and whilst there are a few beach bars providing sunbeds and parasols for their customers, there is always plenty of free space on the main beach to set up with your own belongings. On the south side of the beach is the border with Possidi and at the opposite end, further north is a rural area along the coastline between Fourka and Siviri where there are only a few, mostly private properties. The distance between Fourka and Possidi beach is about 5.5 km and from Fourka to the town of Siviri around 6 km.


In Paralia Fourka there are two large supermarkets, one on the main road and another in the town which are only open during the summer months. Other provisions include a pharmacy, fish shops, several bakery-patisseries, a few clothing/souvenir shops, some café-bars, fast-food places, beach bars and restaurants. There are also a few local-run mini markets, which open all year around. The majority of the shops however in this part of the town only open in the high season because over the winter the community mostly live in the old town of Fourka.



Holiday Accommodation and Properties For Rent in Fourka



There are quite a variety of accommodation options in Fourka. At the beginning of Paralia Fourka there is a large luxury standard hotel situated directly on the sandy beach, which is also within walking distance of the amenities in the town centre. There are other smaller, more affordable hotels in the area too either on the far side of the town, some in the centre on the beach front and located up on the main road. Alternatively there are some apartments in small buildings and of course private properties with gardens and other facilities available for rent short term directly from the owners through rental platforms. Or on top of that Fourka also has a couple of upmarket, organised complexes of serviced villas exclusively for rent.


In general, Fourka is a relatively relaxed seaside resort however for the more active there are also water sports available nearby. A little outside of Fourka on the way to Siviri there is the amphitheatre in a spectacular, remote spot surrounded by forest, which is where music concerts and theatrical shows are performed during the summer as part of the annual Kassandra Festival often featuring famous artists. Fourka also offers some night life at the beach bars, but the big night clubs of Kassandra are within easy reach only 12 km away in an area outside of Kallithea.



Properties For Sale in Fourka



Paralia Fourka became a more touristic area during the 1980s when the central building plan of the town was extended enabling more construction. The properties in Fourka are mostly apartments with one or two bedrooms and small maisonettes. There are a few older apartment buildings along the beach-front, often they are in need of renovation to varying degrees but with truly awesome views. On the Possidi border to the town, there are some more recently built, larger complexes of detached houses, boasting 3 or more bedrooms and an exclusive garden, situated either directly on the beach or in an elevated position on the seafront and benefiting from spectacular views yet still being within walking distance of the beach, which is excellent in this part of the town.  Set well back above the main road backing onto the pine forest there are also some spacious houses on a complex with a shared pool and a fantastic view over Fourka.

Fourka is a good quality area with more reasonable property prices than in the neighbouring towns of Possidi and Siviri whilst offering far better value for money when compared with similar property in the tourist hotspots on the east coast of Kassandra. In recent years there have not been many new build developments so the majority of available properties for sale in Fourka are older and pre-owned.



Properties For Sale in Fourka

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