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Halkidiki Villas For Sale

We only consider PREMIUM properties as Halkidiki villas for sale, which are all completely DETACHED and boast impressive, LUXURY standard features such as private swimming pools, privileged beach-front locations and substantially sized gardens. They usually have at least 3 bedrooms. You will find the vast majority of such properties are by the sea outside of the building plan, below the main road in-between the towns and villages with some of the most expensive being on the outskirts of Pefkohori where Halkidiki villas for sale can exceed six-figures. 



What are the regular prices of Halkidiki villas for sale?


In this top of the range category the lowest priced Halkidiki villas for sale start from around 250000€ for something probably unfinished and in need of completion or past its best and requiring refurbishment or renovation.   If you are looking specifically for first line Halkidiki villas for sale directly on the beach or seafront, you can expect to pay a minimum of 500000€ for something in a similar condition that will need further investment. It is also important to bear in mind that quite often Halkidiki villas for sale are situated within a large plot, which has further building potential and this adds extra value.


There are also a number of small brand new developments of Halkidiki villas for sale with a high specification, which are constructed to the latest energy efficient standards and have a very tidy attractive finish with everything built in and discretely hidden away.


Due to a change in building regulations however, the new complexes of Halkidiki villas for sale these days cannot exceed 5 properties, which means they do not belong to a big housing estate and still have good levels of privacy.   Most Halkidiki villas for sale are located on the outskirts of the resorts in areas that are not overcrowded so they enjoy natural surroundings and greater distances between neighbouring properties.  Outside the central building zones, the minimum size for a land plot to have the possibility to build is 4000m² and the maximum amount that can be constructed is only 200m², which should explain why these areas have not become overdeveloped.


Halkidiki villas for sale offer the most in terms of privacy and independence.  When you belong to a complex and share the land upon which the property is built, there will be some specific, mandatory regulations to abide by in order to maintain the standards of the development.  A stand alone villa on a private plot has no such restrictions, which is a considerable advantage.  At any time the owner is completely free to decide to renovate – replace the windows, landscape the grounds, change the colour of the exterior paintwork, install a swimming pool etc. to their own taste without needing to consult the rule book and getting approval from the neighbours.  This added freedom significantly influences a property's value.  When it comes to rental however, for a short-term stay, there is very little difference between the rates for a private villa and those of a detached property within a complex, where they have essentially the same features.



Is it smart to buy an old Halkidiki villa for sale in need of renovation?


In the previous 5 years many investors have been seeking out old villas in need of refurbishment and taken advantage of the more affordable prices.   This is always a good investment idea because renovation adds value and the property can become like new.


For people who want to relocate – to become permanent residents, maybe retiring in Halkidiki, there is also some government funding available, which can help with some of the costs of a renovation, specifically to improve the energy efficiency of a property.  Upon qualifying, the program can provide savings of up to 70% and applies to works such as thermal insulation, the replacing of old windows and doors, upgrading heating – cooling systems, installing solar panels, or even renewing a roof. 


Furthermore, if we consider the best type of property for permanent living, then without hesitation we would recommend Halkidiki villas as the most suitable option.  A permanent residence generally speaking needs more space, with plenty of storage room for belongings not only for the summer season.  It is also important to have a good sized, private garden because the warm climate enables us to spend more time outside.  If you're only using a property when on holiday for a short period of the year, a large garden could be too much expense and responsibility but for permanent living having a garden to tend provides valuable purpose. 



If I buy a Halkidiki villa for sale, can I get Greek residency?


The Greek golden visa is a residency program, which allows third country nationals the freedom and privilege to stay in Greece for 5-years AND to travel without having to apply and wait for a visa within the 26 countries that constitute the Shengen zone for up to 90 days in any rolling 6 month period.   In Greece, the minimum required investment to be eligible to apply for a golden visa is one of the most affordable with the minimum real estate purchase set at just 250,000€, the lowest threshold in Europe!


Almost a decade on, the Greek government recently increased the minimum investment to 500,000€ but only in certain specific areas of the country in order to better control the property prices where they had been driven up by significant demand from foreign investors and become extremely expensive by Greek standards.  The areas where the higher threshold currently applies include some municipalities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Santorini.  Everywhere else that isn’t deemed over-developed including Halkidiki, it remains the original amount of 250,000€ .   

Bearing in mind that Halkidiki villas for sale have the highest value, because they are have the most luxury features, this type of property is most likely to entitle owners if they are non-European citizens to be able to qualify for a golden visa.

Please browse the Halkidiki villas for sale section of our website for a wide variety of the available options but if you don’t see something really appealing, please contact us with your requirements and we can try to help you with some alternative suggestions.

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