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Halkidiki Land For Sale

Halkidiki Land For Sale


In this section we advertise Halkidiki land for sale in a variety of settings around the region. The building potential of a piece of land is dependent on its location so when searching Halkidiki land for sale it is valuable to have in mind the different plot types in order to shortlist something that would be suitable for purpose.


Central Building Plots


The first option are plots located within the central building zone of a town or village, which are usually relatively small yet have the greatest building potential. The size of these building plots are from 300m² and when they exceed 1000m² in most areas of Halkidiki they have the possibility to be separated into two smaller buildable plots. For building plots of up to 700m², the maximum building size is 240m². In addition to the 240m² however, there is also the possibility to have extra space in an attic room, which can be up to 50% of the size of the top floor of the building and a basement that can be up to 80cm above the ground to be able to have windows for light and ventilation. There are building plots with prices starting from 40000€ in some parts of Kassandra.


Halkidiki Land For Sale on an Asphalt Road


“Kata pareklisi” is the term given to plots, which have a border attached to the main road (also applies to the former main road along the coast). In this case if a plot is between 750m² and 1200m² in size it would be possible to build up to 100m². Where a plot is over 1200m² and up to 2000m² the building potential is 150m² and above 2000m² would be 200m².


Suburban areas


To be catagorised as “entos zonis” the location of a plot is within an area of 500 metres immediately outside of the outer border of the central building zone, in which case a plot must be at least 2000m² in size to be buildable. The building potential would be the same 200m² as on a larger plot of 4000m²+, which is more than 500 metres from the border of the town or village.  There is always the likelihood in the future that the authorities will extend the boundary of the central building zone to enable more construction in which case all plots in these areas would benefit from increased building potential and of course value.


Rural Land


An “agrotemaxia” is a plot of land, considered agricultural, which is situated more than a 500 metre distance from the border of the central building zone of the local town or village and is not attached to an asphalt road. In this case a land must be over 4000m² to be buildable and in the majority of cases the building potential is 200m². Many of these plots are used for olive groves.

To our best knowledge, all of the information quoted is correct as of November 2020 according to the local building regulations in Halkidiki but prior to purchase we always recommend confirming with an engineer the potential of a piece of land. 

For further information with regards to Halkidiki land for sale please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are interested in buying a plot of land with a view to construction and need more detailed and updated information we are more than happy to discuss your personal requirements and to advise on local building regulations. 

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