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Halkidiki Houses For Sale

The type of properties we include as Halkidiki houses for sale are mostly independent, small bungalows, which can be found in all environments such as directly on the seafront, centrally located in the town close to all amenities, on the mountain with fabulous views or surrounded by olive groves in a natural rural setting. If you are looking for something affordable and private then these are ideal. Sometimes, especially when Halkidiki houses for sale are substantial in size we also count semi-detached properties where there is only connection with one neighbour as well as those belonging to a complex when they have a large garden. They usually comprise of at least 2 or more bedrooms so size-wise can start from approximately 60m² with prices as low as 70000€ of course depending on the condition. One of the factors that greatly affects the price of Halkidiki houses for sale is their location because if the property is on a plot within the building zone, even if it is old or in a derelict state the fact that the land has building potential adds extra value. There are some small, old private Halkidiki houses for sale directly on the sea but not within the building plan, which were built when building regulations differed and although these are not possible to demolish, the existing building can be renovated. These days it would not be possible to build on such a small plot so these are a more affordable option for those who want something on the first-line. In this category we also allocate most of the older traditional style Halkidiki houses for sale featuring whitewashed walls, natural stone flooring and wooden shutters.

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