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Halkidiki Apartments For Sale

Of all types of Halkidiki properties a good place to start looking at the market, and the most affordable option, are the Halkidiki apartments for sale.  Prices per m² range from around 1000€/m² for older second-hand options often in need of modernisation and without sea views, up to 1500€/m² for Halkidiki apartments for sale in a good condition. Of course in highly sought after areas and prime locations such as the first line, directly on the sea it is not unusual to pay over 2000€/m². The prices of Halkidiki apartments for sale are determined mostly by their condition, the views, distance from the sea and also the location, in which resort. Sometimes Halkidiki apartments for sale include extras such as private parking spaces, furniture/appliances, heating/air conditioning, which will also add a value. There are Halkidiki apartments for sale on the ground, first and second floors. We do not have high rise apartment buildings in this region. This is also a factor which influences the price, the ground floor being the cheapest followed by the first floor and second floor apartments, which are on top the most expensive.


Most of the Halkidiki apartments for sale have one or two bedrooms and very rarely with three or more bedrooms. There are also some studio apartments, which are an open plan space of around 30m² with a bathroom, ideal for a couple. One bedroom apartments are usually around 45m² and two bedrooms at least 60m². The vast majority of the Halkidiki apartments for sale are located within the central building zone of a town, meaning they are usually within 500 metres from the sea and have all amenities nearby.


There are a variety of different styles when it comes to apartments. If you are looking for something very modern and stylish there are more options to be found on the east coast in Pefkohori, Hanioti and Polihrono whereas in towns such as Afitos the apartments are mostly stone buildings in keeping with the local traditional architecture. 


As a category of Halkidiki properties, apartments have the lowest service charges, which owners are obliged to pay to fund the maintenance and repair of any shared facilities for example external lights around the grounds or where perhaps there is a communal garden. In an organised apartment building these annual expenses might cost around 100€.


If you are looking for a safe investment, Halkidiki apartments for sale have very good potential because they can always easily be rented out when not in use by the owners and recoup at least 5% per annum. This type of Halkidiki Properties has the biggest market of prospective buyers so it is highly unlikely that a seller will sell at a loss.


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