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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you about the data of yours, collected when you visit this website, the use of such data, how you can control the use and the disclosure of such data, as well as the measures taken for the protection of such data. This Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use, which are incorporated by reference.

The real estate agency “Hellenic Living”, which is based in Nea Skioni, Halkidiki (hereinafter "Hellenic Living") as Data Controller, informs the owner of the data (hereinafter the "Data Subject") who visits/uses the website www.halkidikirealestate.com  (hereinafter the "Website") that the processing of personal data is governed by applicable national and EU legislation regarding the collection, use and disclosure of the subject’s personal data by Hellenic Living, including the Greek Law 4624/2019: Protection of Personal Data and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (hereinafter the "Applicable Law"), as well as the relevant decisions, instructions and regulations of Greek Data Protection Authority.

1. Personal Data collected and processed by Hellenic Living

Hellenic Living ensures the fair collection and processing of personal data. Personal data is information that identifies the Data Subject directly or indirectly. In particular, through reference to an identifier, such as name, e-mail address, etc. The above personal data collected is absolutely necessary for the service requested by the Data Subject.

The Data Subject ensures that the personal data provided is correct and accurate. The Data Subject undertakes to notify Hellenic Living of any change or modification to their data. Any loss or damage caused to Hellenic Living or any third party through the disclosure of incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete information provided on the contact form is Data Subject’s responsibility.

2. Use of Hellenic Living by minors

 According to article 8 par. 1 ed. a) of GDPR in combination with article 21 of the Law 4624/2019, minors under the age of fifteen (15) years are prohibited from disclosing their personal data to Hellenic Living through the Website, without the prior consent of their parents or guardians. We ask these people not to submit personal data to Hellenic Living.
3. The Purpose of the Processing

Hellenic Living and its processors acting on its behalf, collect, process and use personal data of the Data Subject, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data. The purpose of the collection and processing of personal data is the communication between Hellenic Living and the Data Subject in order for the former to service the latter’s request. Hellenic Living collects and processes personal data exclusively for this purpose and only to the extent that it is absolutely necessary for the effective service of this purpose. The data must always be relevant and not more than what is required in view of the above purpose. The data must also be accurate and updated, if necessary.  

In particular, the Website collects and uses personal information for the following purposes:

• Website traffic statistics & analytics

Like most websites, the Website uses Google Analytics to track user activity. We use this data to determine how many visitors the Website gets, where they come from and how they interact with your content. While Google Analytics records data such as your geographic location, your device, your web browser, and your operating system, none of this information is personally identifiable to us.

• E-mails

If you choose to contact us using any of our email links, none of the data you provide will be stored on the Website without your consent or will be transferred or processed by any third party data. The data that is sent to us is protected by the TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol, which means that e-mail content is encrypted before being sent over the Internet. The content of the email is decrypted by our local computers and devices.

• Cumulative data

Hellenic Living also collects some data automatically, for system management and statistical purposes, in order to evaluate user preferences and improve the Website.

➢ Browser Type: Hellenic Living collects data about the browser preferences and browser versions used by users. This helps Hellenic Living to adapt the content to the needs of our users.

➢ Operating System: Hellenic Living collects data about the operating system used by users to ensure that content is available to most of them.  ➢ Internet Protocol Addresses (IP): The Internet Protocol (IP) is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you browse the Internet. The computers that deliver the Website to you automatically recognize your own computer from its own Internet Standard.

4. Data retention period

The data is kept only for the period of time required for the completion of the purposes of its collection and processing. The data is safely erased after such completion, unless it is foreseen to continue their retention by the current legislation.

5. Data security

The processing of personal data by Hellenic Living is carried out in a way that ensures its confidentiality. Hellenic Living takes all appropriate organizational and technical measures for the security of the data and their protection from accidental or unlawful erasure, accidental loss, alteration, prohibited dissemination, access and any other form of unfair processing.

6. Data Breach  

In case of a data breach incident in the Website’s database or in the database of any third-party data processing entity, Hellenic Living will inform the Data Subject as well as the Data Protection Authority within 72 hours from the data breach.

7. Recipients of the data

The recipient of the personal data is Hellenic Living itself as well as the processors on behalf of Hellenic Living.

Hellenic Living guarantees that it will not proceed with transmission, notification, distribution, etc. of the personal data to third parties for any purpose or use. However, it reserves the right to disclose information concerning the Data Subject, if the law imposes a corresponding obligation or if such disclosure is required by a court decision, prosecutor's order or any other order or decision of administrative body with a legal competence to oblige disclosure such data.

8. Processors on behalf of Hellenic Living

Hellenic Living uses third party service providers (e.g. web hosting providers and data management providers, construction companies, transport companies, legal consultants, renovation companies and other professionals and companies in the
relevant industry) to manage one or more aspects of its activities, including the processing of personal information. When using an external company or partner, Hellenic Living uses contractual commitments and other appropriate means to ensure that your personal data is used in a consistent manner with the applicable law and this Policy.

9. Use of Cookies  

Hellenic Living uses cookies to analyze visitor behavior, manage the Website, track user preferences and collect user data in order to personalize the experience with us. Hellenic Living uses cookies to manage logins and provide a personalized Website to reflect your special needs and interests. This way, the Website remembers your actions and preferences (such as display preferences, language, etc.) for a period of time, so you do not have to enter those preferences every time you visit the Website or browse its pages.

For more detailed information about the cookies we collect, see the Cookies Policy.

10. Links to third party websites

Any link, hyperlink or banner on the Website that link to any other third-party Website, does not imply any liability for Hellenic Living regarding the protection and processing of personal data. Data Subjects should ensure that they are fully informed about the protection and processing of their data while visiting the above websites.

11. Access, rectification, and Erasure Rights  

The Data Subject has the right to be informed, the right to access, the right to rectify and erasure ("right to be forgotten") their data. The above rights can be exercised by sending an e-mail to info@halkidikirealestate.com  from the e-mail address through which the first request was submitted, in order the Data Subject to be identified.

Alternatively, the Data Subject may contact the real estate office of Hellenic Living in Nea Skioni, Halkidiki or call to: 2374 071880. During this process, Hellenic Living may ask the Data Subject to verify their identity before satisfying their request.

12. Contact with Data Protection Authority

In the event that Data Subject considers that the protection of their personal data is affected in any way, he may appeal to the Data Protection Authority:
Data Protection Authority

Kifisias 1-3, PC 115 23, Athens

Telephone no. 210 6475628

E-mail: contact@dpa.gr  
As the present Policy and the Terms contained may be modified, the Data Subjects must be regularly informed of the content of the Policy and check for any changes.  


Last update: 13.10.2020

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