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Halkidiki Properties For sale

In this generic category of Halkidiki properties for sale we present all the different types of properties together including apartments, maisonettes, houses, villas and land for our users to get a general picture of the Halkidiki property market and for those who are not fully decided on what they want and are open to any option within their budget. We display various banners on the main photo of every listing to highlight a particular advantage or benefit such as when furniture is included, a reduced price or new construction.


In order to narrow down the search, you can use the filters to limit the results to meet your essential criteria for example by minimum number of bedrooms, bathrooms or sea view, which will show the options that are most suitable and saves time spent checking through the property features of every listing. We also enable the possibility to change the order of the results to prioritise the most recently added or by price either ascending or descending.  Furthermore, there is a handy facility, without having to provide any of your personal details, to automatically compile a list of favourites when viewing the options by clicking on the heart icon, which collates a shortlist that can then be viewed at the end from the heart symbol in the header.  Please note that some adverts may have a green banner on the primary photo marking them as sold, however even if it is not available you can still reach out to us about any listing to express an interest in something similar.  We find this is a helpful way of showing us what you are looking for because we may be able to suggest an alternative perhaps not yet advertised online.  


On each property page we try to give as much information as possible by way of listing the features as well as writing a personal, more detailed description to summarise the most important points. We do also appreciate that most of our visitors are searching Halkidiki properties for sale online from a distance so in case that there is something else that you specifically wish to know please do not hesitate to contact us as we are happy to provide more information.  In case you wish to know the exact location, we will first send you a document to complete with your details and sign confirming that we as an agency have introduced the property to you should you decide to buy it.



Properties For Sale in Kassandra Halkidiki

We separate the Kassandra peninsula into East and West coast. The two sides of the peninsula are quite different environments and usually people prefer one area over the other. The basic differences are that the East coast is more developed with bigger resorts, very popular with tourists and has more organised and consistently sandy beaches whereas the West side offers smaller authentic places with less crowded, natural beaches sandy in parts but can also have pebbles due to the more open sea and some wonderful wild secluded coves. Unsurprisingly there is a significant difference in property prices between the two sides of the peninsula, with the East being the more expensive. An advantage of the Kassandra peninsula is that there are several roads over the mountain connecting the East with the West coast so you can drive in less than 10 minutes to reach another area and visit a different beach whereas in Sithonia the distance between resorts is much greater.


Properties For Sale in Sithonia Halkidiki

Since our office is in Kassandra, for practical reasons most of the properties for sale we market are located in our area on the first peninsula of Halkidiki.  However, we do advertise a few specific options in Sithonia and also work in co-operation with local agents who are already based on the second peninsula so if you are looking exclusively at Sithonia and don’t find many options of interest listed on our website, please contact us to discuss your criteria and let us work for you using our trusted connections to find a suitable property.


Finding Properties For-Sale in Halkidiki in the Right Location

Choosing the right location is equally as important as finding the right property.  If you are not very familiar with the towns and villages around Halkidiki we have included a section on our website to assist you.  Check out our “Halkidki guide” where we give a general description of every town through our eyes as locals. We also explain what types of properties for sale are available in each area and at the end of the page we reveal a few listings located in that resort. 



Categories of Halkidiki Properties For-Sale

You can find all types of properties for sale in Halkidiki so the area can satisfy all requirements. From small studio apartments for people who have a limited budget looking for some simple accommodation in the area to mid-range options, which include maisonettes and detached houses perfect for families who want more space and a garden to the top-level luxury villas catering for those with the finest taste.  Halkidiki properties also includes many plots of land in various settings if someone wishes to build their own.  You can explore each different property type individually or altogether on our website to find the most suitable option within your budget.



Do Halkidiki Properties have a Unique Style?

You can find a mixture of architectural styles in Halkidiki catering for all tastes from the contemporary-modern often with hidden flat roofs, glass balcony walls and multiple windows to the classic style which is usually finished with wood and stone features. There is an architectural committee, recently established, who are responsible for reviewing all plans submitted when applying for building permission if the plot of land is either within 100 metres of the sea or where a plot is attached to the main road.  There are no specific restrictions to the exterior design, but it is still necessary to have their approval before a building permit can be obtained.  Only the town of Afitos has a regulation for all new constructions to have either exterior cladding or to be built with the local stone to maintain the traditional appearance of the town.


Buying Properties For-Sale in Halkidiki Under Construction

This type of Halkidiki properties for sale are a very good option especially when a developer is well-known in the area and has a good reputation for their quality of construction, which can be judged by seeing some of their finished projects.  There are many advantages to choosing Halkidiki properties off-plan, prior or during the construction.  Firstly, you can achieve a better price than if you were to buy the same property at full market value once it is ready.  Furthermore, there is the benefit of paying in instalments at pre-agreed stages of the construction.  There will usually be multiple units available to choose from depending on your preferred position, plot, layout or view and you would have the possibility to make some small changes to the internal layout as desired and be able to choose finishes.  Sometimes you can also commission the builder to do some extra works not in the basic specification.


Beachfront Properties For-Sale in Halkidiki

The dream of many and most sought-after of Halkidiki properties for sale are undoubtedly those situated on the first line in front of the sea, directly on the beach with uninterrupted views of the Aegean Sea. 


The Future of Halkidiki Properties For-Sale


The easy access to Halkidiki from Thessaloniki, the second biggest city of Greece, which has an international airport operating all year round, provides a continual flow of tourists as well as interest from many foreign buyers.  Halkidiki properties are a wise investment as their market value steadily increases over the years and in the meantime, they offer a beautiful place to spend holidays and make family memories especially as children grow.  Furthermore, when Halkidiki properties are not occupied by the owners the annual cost of ownership can easily be covered and an extra income made through rental. 


Halkidiki Properties For-Sale Prices

The price per square metre of properties for sale in Halkidiki varies according to the location, property type, the age of the building, the distance from the sea and the views.  In the current market, when looking at standard second-hand Halkidiki properties for sale, 10-15 years old in good condition and not needing renovation you can expect to pay from 1500€ per square metre for an apartment.  Larger properties such as maisonettes and houses, which usually have a garden and a parking space start in the region of 2000€ per square metre and for villas a minimum of 3000€ per square metre.  Prices of brand new Halkidiki properties for sale are now starting from 2500€ per square metre for an apartment, 3000€ for maisonettes and 3500€ for villas depending on the specification.  With regards plots of land, specifically those which meet the necessary building requirements, in a good area you can expect to pay upwards of 50,000 Euros.  The main factors that influence the cost of land are the size, location, access, distance from the nearest power and water lines, the building potential, and the views. 

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