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Halkidiki Properties For rent

In our Halkidiki Rentals section, we list Halkidiki properties for rent throughout the region available both for short (seasonal) and long term (annual) periods. We have all types of Halkidiki properties for rent from small basic one bedroom apartments to large luxury private beach-front villas. The prices we quote are for the “summer season”, which is usually for 3 months from June until September but this can be a little longer and flexible upon agreement with the owner.


There are small, simple one bedroom apartments available from 2500€ per summer season, which works out almost half the price you would have to pay per night for the same standard of accommodation. Over the last few years after a change in the legislation made it possible, there has been a trend for owners to rent out their properties on a nightly basis through rental platforms. Whilst this can be very lucrative for the owners however, unless they can manage the changeovers themselves it is much easier and less wear and tear when letting to one family and so for this reason it is possible to find a much better deal when making a tenancy agreement for the whole summer. The majority of owners will not consent to their properties being sub-let because not only do they prefer to know themselves who is staying in their property but also there are tax implications when a property is being used as a business.


The charge for the summer season normally includes all bills unless stated otherwise but longer term contracts usually require the tenant to pay for their use of electricity and water on top. Most Halkidiki properties for rent can also be available upon request for stays less than 3 months but we would need to contact the owner on an individual basis with the exact dates and confirm the price.


Halkidiki Properties For Rent All Year


The majority of Halkidiki properties for rent are furnished and equipped predominantly for summer use but there are some, which also have heating and are located in areas with life, shops and services open out of season too so please contact us to find out the specific options suitable for permanent living or also visiting over the winter months.


If you are looking at Halkidiki properties for rent in a specific area but don't see anything displayed on our website that exactly fits your criteria, please get in touch to tell us your requirements and we can suggest some suitable options.

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