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How much does it cost to own a house in Halkidiki?

Inevitably, there are some regular household bills you need to pay when you own a house in Halkidiki. Fortunately these expenses are relatively low, in comparison with other countries but it is still useful to know approximately how much your future bills might be.


So, what costs are we talking about?


When a house in Halkidiki is classed as habitable, owners have to pay for connection to the basic utilities of water and electricity. Another necessity is property tax. Additional non essential utilitiemost people want nowadays might include internet and household insurance.


How much is the property tax for a house in Halkidiki?


For many years the property tax on a house in Halkidiki for regular people who only own a single dwelling in Greece either a house or an apartment was a little under 3€ per m². Recent changes in 2019 however, reduced property tax by 20% so currently it is approximately 2.50€ per m². People who have more than one property in their name, a very large property or a swimming pool 25m+ pay a different, higher level of property tax.


How and when do you pay the property tax in Greece?


Property tax for a house in Halkidiki is issued annually, usually every September on the taxisnet website, which once registered you or more commonly your accountant is able to access. The amount can be paid off in full or by monthly installments, and they accept payment at the post office, in the bank or online by internet banking from a Greek bank account.


How much are the energy bills for a house in Halkidiki?


ΔΕΗ or DEI (pronounced Dee) is the main supplier of electricity throughout Greece but there are also other, private power companies now available. The rates of electricity for a house in Halkidiki are calculated in kWh and there are two levels. The lowest level from 0-2000 kWh is charged at 0.11058€ per kWh and over 2000kWh 0,11936€ per kWh. When the electricity is switched off for example over the winter if a house in Halkidiki is closed down, the minimum charge for a single phase connection is 5.88€ every 4 months and for a stronger triple phase connection is 9.46€ per 4 months. On top of the actual consumption there is also a standard charge plus some other obligatory itemised fees, which are incorporated into your electricity bill for example to the TV licensing authority.


For more information about electricity bills and charges you can visit the public power company website:https://www.dei.gr/el/oikiakoi-pelates/timologia/oikiako-timologio-xwris-xronoxrewsi-g1


Where do I pay a DEI electricity bill for my house in Halkidiki?


If the deadline for payment on the bill hasn't expired you are able to pay at a post office. After this time you can still pay but you need to go to a bank or visit the DEI local office, which is in Nea Moudania. There is also always the option for online payment for anyone who has a Greek bank account. It is also possible to set up automatic payments from a Greek personal bank account. 


Can you give us an indication of water costs for a house in Halkidiki?


house in Halkidiki receives its water supply from the municipality and the charges for consumption are per cubic metre (m³). There is a set tariff for general households and the standard rate per cubic metre up to 100m³ is 0.35€. The next tier up is from 101-150m³ which is charged at 0.50€/m³. Then from 151-200m³ = 0.70€/m³ and so on 201-300m³ = 0.90€/m³, 301-400m³ = 1.15€/m³, 401- 600m³ = 2.50€/m³ and lastly any amount over and above 600m³ is charged at 5€/m³.


The normal consumption of water for a house in Halkidiki usually falls into the first category charged at 0.35€/m³. The higher rates might apply to a villa with a big garden, which needs to be frequently watered in the long arid summers we have here or those who have a swimming pool.


On top of the charge for actual consumption of water everyone who is connected to the water supply must pay a standing charge per year and this arrives in a separate bill from the usage. In other words every year we receive two water bills, one related to your metre reading and a second for the annual standard charges. To give an example for a normal house in Halkidiki with a small garden and 3 residents living all year around the annual water bill around 100-150€ in total. The bills can be paid at the bank, post office or at the water department offices which are located at the town halls in Hanioti and Kassandreia. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer or standing order from a Greek bank account.


Can I get internet at my house in Halkidiki?


In Halkidiki at the moment there is only one broadband internet provider, Cosmote and they offer customers two different packages. The first option is to have a contract all year long which costs 23.90€ per month. Alternatively there is a “holiday” packet which includes internet for 6 months in total - 1 month at Easter, 1 month around Christmas and 4 months over the summer holidays from 1st June until 30th September. This is 21€ each month over the 12 months of the year. These prices are correct at the time of writing February 2020. Both packages involve a 2 year contract and internet speeds of up to 24mpbs which is more than adequate for general use. In some areas of Halkidiki fiber optic internet connection is already available for people who are prepared to pay a littleextra to have more stable and twice as fast speeds. Eventually this will roll out everywhere. In Kassandra the place to go and apply for internet is a telecommunications store in the centre of Kassandria called Germanos. To make a new contract you need to have identification either passport or ID and an official document, which shows your Greek tax number AFM (ΑΦΜ).


How do I insure my house in Halkidiki?


You do not have to take out building or contents insurance and it certainly isn't a high risk area but this is something many people ask us about when a property is going to be unoccupied for long periods. You can find many different companies that will insure a holiday house in Halkidiki or we can put you in touch with a broker to do all the hard work obtaining quotes for you! The price varies depending on a number of factors including the age of the building, its size and of course what situations you include to insure against. For an 60m² apartment it is normal to pay around 100€ per year for a comprehensive policy.


In addition to all of these standard household bills for a house a Halkidiki, there might be some additional expenses depending on the type of property. For example when a property is part of a complex and has some shared facilities there will also be an amount to pay into a fund to cover these communal expenses. The amount will depend on what there is because some complexes have minimal service charges just for the outdoor lighting but others have a pool to maintain or a garden that is watered and a gardener is employed to keep it tidy, which would be more expensive.




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